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variety_is: Artistic picture of spices and the words Variety is the spice of life (Spice of life)

Variety is the spice of life

For all your HP rarepair needs

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Name:Variety is the spice of life
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Community description:For all your HP rarepair needs
Welcome to Spice of Life, where we prove that variety really does make your days more interesting and your reading experiences more fulfilling.

This community is dedicated to fanfiction, fanart, vids and mixes featuring HP fandom's rarest pairs. To see what qualifies as a rare pair, have a look at the list below. We have a few rules, dedicated to making this comm a satisfying place for writers, artists and readers alike. We don't run challenges or fests or exchanges, but we do provide a place for you to post the fic of your heart, and for people to find fics easily and happily.

What is a rare pair?

Your mods define a rare pair as one which does not have an active comm dedicated to it specifically. Therefore, these pairs are excluded from being posted at this comm, although a fic or artwork which features one as a side pairing is acceptable:


Albus Severus/Scorpius



No pair is too rare for Spice of Life! One of your mods has written Ignatius Prewett/Antonin Dolohov, so she doesn't occupy the moral high ground, and the other wrote Hagrid/Dumbledore, so she's hardly going to laugh at you either.

What can I post here?

We accept fanfiction, fanart, icons, mixes, and vids, provided the focus is on a rare pair. There may be more common pairings as a secondary pairing, but not as the main one. We do not accept gen fic, even if is about rare characters. However, we suggest you try the lovely [ profile] hp_misfitfics. We will delete posts that do not meet this requirement. Fics must be beta read before posting them onto this community.

If you wish to pimp your challenge, fest, exchange, comm, RPG or whatever else, please contact the mods before posting.

How do I post?

Your mods are many things. Psychic is not one of them. Obsessive about tags is. Please either use our template, below, when posting, or make sure that your own header covers the same information.

For fic:

For art:

For vids:

For mixes:

For icons:

Please, in the subject line, include the type of fanobject you are posting, the title (if applicable), pairing/s, rating (if applicable), and (for fic) if it is complete, or the chapter number. For example:

Fic: Let up (Millicent/Neville, Daphne/Pansy, R, 1/1)
Art: Let up (Millicent/Neville, R)
Vid: Let up (Millicent/Neville, G)
Mix: All about Millicent/Neville (Millicent/Neville)
Icons: Millicent/Neville

This will assist us in making sure that your tags are correct.

We also would prefer that your work is beta read before you post it here. We reserve the right to delete works that contain major errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. You can find a beta reader at a number of comms. If you really can't find anyone, contact the mods.

How do I tag my entry?

Our main tags are by entry type, by author/artist/vidder/mixer/other creative person-type (which we call 'creator', for ease of writing) and by pairing. So, first check if the tag you want to use exists. If it does, use that. Otherwise, create your own, following our template. For example:

creator: redsnake05
entry type: fic
pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/Neville Longbottom

Please use the characters' full names and capital letters in the pairing and alphabeticise by the character's first name, so we don't get a handful of Neville/Snape and a handful of Snape/Neville, and then a few Severus/Neville tags too.

Using this community

Please be courteous, polite and respectful. No flaming, wank, ship wars, trolling, stalking, harassment, or other behaviour that will make the mods sigh dramatically and delete your post/comment.

Please use the warnings. They are there for a reason. That goes for both writers/artists/other creative-types and for readers. If something is clearly labelled non-con and this squicks you, don't read it and then complain to us. On the other hand, if you don't warn for something and then people complain, don't moan about it to us. Also, anything that is NSFW must go behind a cut, as must all fic and art. Spare everyone's friend's pages, please. You may also link to your work if you like to keep it all in one place, but please make sure that the place you link it is not f-locked. Posts that link to f-locked posts will be deleted.

How can I get involved with this community?

Your mods are always delighted by suggestions, enquiries, offers of assistance and chocolate. You can contact them through their LJ or DW accounts.

Our banner:

[personal profile] redsnake05 and [personal profile] tjwritter

Interests (105):

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